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Inspection (Progress)

As part of providing survey assessment and inspection services, Sea Forrest Offshore conducts itself on the basis of reliability and integrity in providing quality assessment and inspection services for assets in the oil and gas industry.


Sea Forrest Offshore assists Vessel Operators, Owners and Contractors by reviewing requirements, assessing current status or progress of assets, formulating strategies to meet requirements as far as practicable for the assets that are in construction or already available in the market.


Sea Forrest Offshore undertakes and inspections, formulating preventative measures and solutions to remediate any apparent defects observed to Clients.


Inspection of progress of assets include the following facets:


  1. Assessment of overall completion progress of asset in construction or available in market;
  2. Assessment of requirements of Clients against current asset set-up;
  3. Problem identification and rectification solutions;


Since its inception, Sea Forrest Offshore has been providing quality assessment and inspection services to Clients.


Derrick Surveys

Sea Forrest offshore, through its partners, is able to provide to its Clients a comprehensive Derrick survey services such as Drop Object Surveys, complete Derrick completion surveys and inspections.


Sea Forrest Offshore can also provide expertise to assembly and installing derrick structures or can undertake all other aspects of the installation such as mechanical, electrical, piping etc, through close collaboration with partners.


Sea Forrest Offshore approach to such projects is to plan them carefully in advance.

This approach helps Client to integrate the Derrick Erection and Outfitting activities with the rest of the project and enables Clients to plan for both the overall safety and production of the project.